Masters of Green: Wisconsin Statewide Sustainable Business Program

Why Should Businesses be Interested in Adopting Sustainability Practices?


“…virtually every business gets into sustainability because of the cost savings opportunities,” admits Tom Eggert, Director of the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council say.  “Cutting energy use certainly reduces the environmental footprint of an organization, but it also reduces their energy bill. Reducing the percent of raw materials that becomes waste and is sent to a landfill saves on the cost of landfilling material, but also ensures a greater percentage of raw materials are turned into finished product.”

For other businesses, the benefits and motivations for sustainability efforts go beyond the financial savings (although those never hurt)! KI Ceo Rick Resch puts it this way: “Sustainability is about striving for continual improvement every step of the way. To us, sustainability isn’t just about ‘going green.’ It’s a fundamental way of doing business – one that conserved natural resources and reduces waste, consumption and operating costs.

Enter The Green Masters Program, a voluntary, business sustainability recognition program that recognizes Wisconsin businesses for these very sustainability actions. A program of the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council, established through the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business, the program has attracted businesses from every corner of the state, of every size, and almost every sector and has doubled each year since it’s inception- with over 160 participants in 2013.

The top 20% of businesses each year are awarded the designation of Green Masters, presented annually at the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Conference in front of a crowd of over 350 Wisconsin companies. The application process is simple, can be done online, and is often downloaded and used by businesses as a check-mark list to help them continue on their sustainability path.



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