Plans Move Forward for a Madison Sustainable Commerce Center

Chicago’s Green Exchange is a conglomeration of eco-friendly businesses and organization housed within a single sustainably-designed building. It is a 272,000 square-foot historic landmark building that was completely renovated, now featuring a 41,000 gallon rainwater collection system and an 8,000 square foot organic garden. In fact, it is the nation’s largest sustainable business community and is linked to the creation of over 1,200 jobs. It also represents a valuable resource when in need of information and referrals to incorporate sustainable practices into both personal and professional lives. They also often host events, attracting individuals from all over, to come and learn about topics ranging from sustainable business to managing stormwater through sustainable landscape solutions

Green Exchange Building- UWsustainability

Gee, wouldn’t that be nice if we had something that epic in the city of Madison?


After all, Madison is home to a vibrant green community- from the thousands of young students passionate about the environment, to the city’s expansive recycling efforts, to non-profits, and its vibrant sustainability-orientated business community, Madison is without a doubt, an expanding sustainable city.

In fact, this idea has been floating around the city for some years now. Recently, it was announced that Baum Development, the firm that helped develop Chicago’s Green Exchange, was recently hired to manage a similar project for a potential Madison Sustainable Commerce Center. An ongoing study involving the development firm, will research potential tenants and possible locations along with the feasibility of the Madison’s own Green Exchange.

There has been great optimism surrounding the project. Bryant Moroder, principle of the Sustainable Resource Group and a member of the team working to develop a Madison center commented, saying, “I can see a lot of potential users from nonprofit to the private sector who could work in a very cool space in downtown Madison.” We’d have to say, we agree. What do you think?

You can check out the full article online here.