Student Creative Projects 2016

This semester students worked on creative projects. Most projects were websites or children’s books that were sent to Tom’s daughter to share with her classroom. Students also created blog posts, videos, and more.

Children’s Books

Isabelle and Zee in the Disappearing Forest– Kelly Silvers

Trash to Treasure by Breana Nehls

Our Environment, A Poem by Claire Rebman

The Fix-its and the Environment by Otie George

Color Your World by Maddie Dittmer and Robyn Connors

Ben the Smokestack by Isabelle Mengesha

Adventures of Olly the Oil Can by Kelsey Cousland and Allie Dineen


Aakash Shah- Being Sustainable Blog

Morgan Schleicher- Living Well with Morgan

Russel Sandvold- More Than Mud

Morgan Lilly- Virginia Lilly

Alec Prueter- Sustainability Story

Samantha Mason- Sustainable Design

Emily Tsoy- Homemade Sustainability Blog

Kaylie Slowinski- Green Queen


Tiny Equals Big by Kate DaPolito

Food Wastage by Heba Saeed

Income Inequality by Sonia Chanda

Colors and Living by Samantha Statz


Board Game by Kristin Haider: Clean It Up, An Earth Day Game
Can be found on Teachers Pay Teachers

Meditation for Systems Thinking by Lorenza Zebell

Podcast by Aaron Gregory: How Sustainable is the Clean Power Plan?
The goal of the clean power plan is to cut power plant emissions by 20%, this means some states have more work to do than others depending on their energy sources. If this is upheld by the supreme courts no more coal-fired power plants would be built and many would be retired. Natural gas is likely to be the replacement; this is a start but it is still relying on carbon-emitting energy sources. We need to rethink the way this plan is implemented and use more carbon neutral energy options.

Sustainability Jeopardy Game by Derek Dinsmoor and Yukiko Ikeda
Click on “Log in” and for “Email Address” type in and the password is 402. The game is titled “Sustainability” and you can view it by clicking edit or by clicking play.