Eat and Drink


Dane County Farmer’s MarketYang_Phil_Farm_Mkt06_10112

  • A great farmer’s market that runs around Capitol Square every year from April to November.
  • But don’t worry, the market moves indoors to the Madison Senior Center on W. Mifflin from January to April.

South Madison’s Farmer’s Market

  • This farmer’s market also includes a CSA- style food distribution through their Market Basket Program. The baskets feed a family of 4, are delivered every Friday, and range from $10 to $16.
  • This video is also a great way to learn more about the unique and wonderful farmer’s market.

Willy St. Co-op

  • Mission Statement: The Williamson Street Grocery Co-op is an economically and environmentally sustainable, cooperatively owned grocery business that serves the needs of its owners and employees. We are a cornerstone of a vibrant community in south-central Wisconsin that provides fairly priced goods and services while supporting local and organic suppliers
  • Buy locally right on campus when you purchase Fresh Madison Market’s True Local products.
  • True Local includes products from 47 Wisconsin-based companies.
  • You can download the True Local app or simply look for products with the True Local label throughout the store.

Slow Food UW

  • Attend their Monday night dinners, Wednesday lunch Cafe, or buy one of their Growing Power Market Baskets!

REAP Food Group

  • Great events to help you eat local: Burgers & Brew (June), Food for Thought Festival (September), Local Harvest – Taste of the Town (October)

Ripe Near Me

  •  Aims to bring the true nature of food back into our urban spaces.  You’ll have a world of roadside stands, farmers markets or other opportunities for you to purchase locally grown produce. Click on the link and put in your zipcode to get started.




Look for the USDA Organic label. You can learn more about the label through the USDA Blog’s Organic 101 articles.

Check out this article to understand the differences between 100{13cc73ace98a1a1c72459df4609391372da874048f40eb9ad7cb1a640123a483} organic, organic, and made with organic ingredients.


  • Reducing or eliminating meat in your diet has health and environmental benefits
  • It also prevents the inhumane treatment of farm animals.
  • To learn more, try the book The Ethics of What We Eat, by Peter Singer and Jim Mason.
  • And you can watch this clip of Peter Singer discussing
  • Also you can check out the meatrix, a website with tips on benefits of reducing your meat consumption and ways to support sustainable agriculture
  • Hear a quick explanation from UW-Madison Professor, Cathy Middlecamp, about how our food choices impact the world.
  • Finally, ever thought of incorporating insects into your diet for protein? Eating insects is our past, and maybe our future? Before you say no, watch this TED Talk for more information


  • h2o conserve is a great resource with tips on how to conserve water
  • and it includes a water footprint calculator!



  • Check out the Madison Originals Website
  • Madison Originals is a not-for-profit association of local, independently-owned restaurants and affiliated businesses in the Madison area.
  • REAP Food Group’s Buy Fresh Buy Local program is another great way to eat at Madison restaurants that are supporting local farmers


  • Reduce waste when eating out, bring your own container for leftovers
  • Bring your own water bottle
  • Bring your own coffee mug