Get Around

ResHall_people_autumn10_9445Worsening traffic congestion and increasing reliance on foreign oil affect America’s economic competitiveness. Excessive driving contributes to high energy consumption, carbon emissions, and pollution.  Public transportation helps decrease the amount of single occupant cars on the road.  Ask yourself how you can combine driving trips so you don’t need to go as often. Carpool as often as you can with friends, neighbors, and family.

Van Galder Bus Madison – Chicago Route

Badger Bus Madison – Milwaukee Route

Madison B-Cycle – Use convenient city bikes to get around and pay an annual fee or per use!

Madison Green Cab – 608-255-1234

Community Car– Reserve a car for personal use if you only need a car once in awhile

Madison Metro Bus– Plan your route easily, view all stop locations, free semester bus passes for students

The Wisconsin Rideshare program offers assistance to employers interested in starting commuting benefit programs for their employees.  The sustainability efforts of employers filter down to their employees encouraging them to try greener transportation modes. The employer programs offer tax benefits as well as financial and environmental reports for individuals as well as summary reports for employers.  Wisconsin Rideshare is a Wisconsin Department of Transportation program.


If you drive a car regularly: -Properly inflated tires lead to better gas mileage -Keep your car in good condition- -Carpool as often as possible