Sustainable Lifestyle Movement

Here are some organizations working on informing the public about environmental, social, and economic concerns and inspiring more conscious decisions in the minds of consumers.

A BETTER FUTURE is a one-of-a-kind “gateway” site to sustainable development. This site raises public awareness and promotes a societal movement toward more sustainable lifestyles. Helping the public from all walks of life better appreciate the scientific issues that underlie progress on global sustainability is at the heart of this site.A Better Future offers a portal to information needed to recognize the many connected issues in our world and how the kinds of choices we make based upon this understanding will affect the consequences of our actions (the 3 Cs). It does not try to tell you how to live, but rather provides you with enough information so you can make your own, well-informed decisions about how you conduct your life in relationship to sustainability.The goals of “A Better Future” include:

  • To increase the awareness for sustainable development issues with the public.
  • To increase the societal health/quality of life literacy of the public.
  • To scientifically inform the public about the interdependencies among environmental, economic, and social equity concerns in their lives.
  • To influence grassroots change in social behavior that will lead to a more sustainable society world-wide.

Center for a New American Dream helps Americans consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life, and promote social justice. At their web site, you will:

  • Find tips and tools to live consciously, buy wisely and make a differencecbBiBnRxCBh-mOWxyLZ6LuSWlSQBrnY5ofdZsa7CE18
  • Learn from other members’ inspirations, experiences, and expertise
  • Teach and learn from thousands of others who are, like you, trying to get more of what matters by living consciously, buying wisely and making a difference.
  • Find New Dream-sponsored events near you and publicize your own
  • Suggest and discuss future actions for the community to take
  • Take action to push businesses and governments to change the way goods are produced and consumed

Climate Project is a movement to educate and challenge citizens and governments into action against global warming; site offers tips, resources, interactive facts and articles, events by state.

Co-op America – “Practical skills for using your consumer and investment power for social change.” Membership organization providing resources for making sustainable purchasing decisions, such as their Green Pages program. Also sponsor campaigns pushing for social or environmental sustainability, as well as organize an annual Green Business Conference.

Heifer International – Non-profit working with communities to end poverty and hunger by providing food sources (animals, trees) and support to “pass on the gift;” site offers resources for learning and getting involved. – Non-profit with resources for imagining a better world, connecting with others, taking action in your community, reaching out to others, posting/finding nonprofit jobs/volunteer opportunities/events, and donating to support these efforts.

ynCHJGfqD2mwzQ9PTEMP9Cz7EYFz9t_-YKxl71ZglM0Institute for Alternative Futures is a research and education non-profit helping individuals and organizations choose and create preferred futures; site has information on futuring methods, links to current projects and resources for associations, government, education, health, and the environment.

Midwest Renewable Energy Association is an extensive resource for renewable energy and energy efficiency in central Wisconsin. They have a Renew the Earth Institute that showcases renewable energy and holds classes, as well as the largest sustainable living and renewable energy fair in the country held annually each June.

TransFair USA is a non-profit fair trade certifier; site offers resources about fair trade and how to get involved, fair trade store.
World Changing – Website/online community for links to existing tools, ideas, and models for a better future; resources for products, shelter, cities, community, business, politics, planet.