Student Projects Spring 2018

WasteCap Customer Engagement

WasteCap Resource Solutions, Inc. is a Wisconsin-based environmental non-profit whose vision is to transform waste into resources. In addition to assisting companies to effectively drive costs out of their operations through improved solid waste management practices, WasteCap operates a retail architectural salvage warehouse. WasteCap enlisted students to help build a rebranding and fundraising campaign for its new division, Harvest Built. The Harvest Built division focuses on upcycling and reusing high quality reclaimed building materials.


Midwestern Energy Company Proposal

Alliant Energy, a mid-sized Midwestern Energy Company, is interested in evaluating its supply chain from a sustainability lens. Students were responsible for conducting research of various sustainability supply chain policies, programs and metrics, including those employed by energy companies, to identify best practices to consider including in a corporate-wide program. Students then recommended a framework for evaluating supply chain sustainability impacts at an energy company that will be manageable to implement and provide meaningful information to assess supplier performance.


Kohl’s Reusable Bag Proposal

A large strength of Kohl’s in sustainability is waste management: the company has driven an industry leading recycling rate above 80{13cc73ace98a1a1c72459df4609391372da874048f40eb9ad7cb1a640123a483} for years. It also offers a plastic recycling program to customers, diverting the waste from landfills and helping the company earn money in rebates. Its very own signature gray bag is made with a higher percentage of recycled materials than most plastic shopping bags. While this is great, the company would like to make reusable bags available to customers again, all while putting customers first with an easy shopping experience, amazing product, and incredible savings. Students were tasked with coming up with a plan that could be easily implemented.


WI Sustainability Report

For the last seven years, a group of students put together a report on the status of business sustainability efforts in WI This annual report is valued by the business community and other decision makers in the state.  Wisconsin is the only state to prepare a triple bottom line sustainability report, modeled on the reports prepared by businesses. Students were be responsible for designing and producing the content for the report.