Increasingly there is a demand for leaders and employees who understand the importance of economic, social and environmental sustainability in the development of our future. Below there are links and information about careers seeking employees interested in sustainability.

ACDI/VOCA  is a private, nonprofit organization that promotes broad-based economic growth and the development of civil society in emerging democracies and developing countries. Offering a comprehensive range of technical assistance services, ACDI/VOCA addresses the most pressing and intractable development problems. ACDI/VOCA is headquartered in Washington D.C. and has regional offices in Ohio and California. The majority of work though is done in the 35+ developing and transitional countries.

ACDI/VOCA identifies and opens economic opportunities for farmers and other entrepreneurs worldwide by promoting democratic principles and market liberalization, building international cooperative partnerships and encouraging the sound management of natural resources.

Driven by the goal of adding value to local enterprise, ACDI/VOCA helps build: businesses, agricultural systems, financial systems and grassroots organizations that underlie prosperous free markets and stable democracies.

The ACDI/VOCA Difference ACDI/VOCA has a proven record of development successes dating back almost 40 years. This experience coupled with strong technical expertise means that clients and partners can always expect high standards of quality from ACDI/VOCA.

In addition to full time employment, if you have the right skills and the time to spare, you could be one of the 600+ volunteer consultants ACDI/VOCA sends overseas each year. Volunteers have played a crucial role in ACDI/VOCA’s international development projects dating back to 1971. With their diverse skills and expertise, volunteers help people help themselves, escape poverty and build successful companies and institutions.

In exchange for your time and energy, ACDI/VOCA pays for travel, lodging and other expenses.

Action Without Borders connects people, organizations and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives. Our work is guided by the common desire of our members and supporters to find practical solutions to social and environmental problems, in a spirit of generosity and mutual respect. The jobs listings are generally quite extensive.

DEVJOBS  is an Internet service that provides international job announcements on various development fields, including microfinance, poverty alleviation, community development, institution development, good governance, health and population, food security, agriculture, natural resource management, basic education, adult literacy, human resource development, disability rehabilitation, information technology and rural development.


ECO / EPA Environmental Careers Organization (ECO) / Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Intern Program provides a unique opportunity for students to work directly with community organizations and experience environmental issues at a grass roots level. ECO accepts applications year-round.

Ethical Performance  is a periodical out of the UK that is devoted to Corporate Social Responsibility. They frequently have job postings for positions involving corporate social responsibility, corporate social reporting, socially responsible investing and related areas.

Foreign Policy Association  (FPA) is a national, nonprofit, nonpartisan, nongovernmental, educational organization to educate Americans about the significant international issues that influence their lives. FPA provides impartial publications, programs and a listing of current jobs to increase public awareness of, and foster popular participation in, matters relating to those policy issues.

Global Service Corps  (GSC) is a nonprofit international volunteer organization that provides international volunteer opportunities for people worldwide to live and work abroad in developing countries. Two countries of primary focus now are Thailand and Tanzania. Programs in health, environment and/or education year-round – from two weeks to six months.

THAILAND: You may work on international service projects in health or education. Health volunteers work with doctors in health clinics. Education volunteers teach English or environmental studies in schools, colleges, monasteries or health centers. For a Buddhist immersion experience, you can teach English at a monastery and be mentored in Buddhism.

TANZANIA: Volunteers work on a hands-on service project raising awareness of HIV/AIDS or teach methods of sustainable agriculture. A new combination program uses immune-enhancing nutrition to combat HIV/AIDS. Included Swahili lessons help the learning process. Global Service Corps is a project of Earth Island Institute.

Government Jobs is a website that features public sector jobs. Each listing on the web site includes: a description of the position title, job requirements (education, special skills, etc.), duties and responsibilities, salary if given, closing date, name of agency and any other information pertinent to the position and job applicant. In addition to job listings,this site provides job resource information state by state. Included are links to municipal, city and county government web sites, state leagues and associations, statewide newspapers, etc. This information will help you in pursuing employment opportunities. Local government executive search firms are listed. In addition, several executive search firms are in the business of assisting local governments with recruitment.

Green Dream Jobs These days, the most talented people want to work with environmentally and socially progressive organizations. Green Dream Jobs is only open to employers that clearly embrace sustainable business practices and/or have high quality environmental jobs. Since all our job listings carry our “seal of sustainability” we attract the best candidates and the best employers.


Green Dream Jobs has been operating on the Internet for 12 years. We have, by far, the greatest number of job listings and job seekers (about 275,000 a month) of any “green” job service. Because we carefully choose the employers and job postings on the site, we have a reputation for having the best job listings – and thus attract very highly qualified, dedicated people.

International Career Employment Weekly For International jobs, see the International Career Employment Weekly posting. You can choose to see jobs in international environmental programs, international development and humanitarian assistance or several other categories. This site is updated regularly, so check back every month or so.

Lifeworth  brings together people and organizations with shared values. Their aim is threefold: to help organizations find the talent to prosper in a just and sustainable society; to help people find work in the business world where they can express their values; to help these people be change agents within their organization.

All jobs posted on Lifeworth involve some aspect of sustainability, and thus are perfect for graduates of these classes. However, most jobs are international. None the less, this should be the first site for your job search.

National Science Foundation NSF is an independent agency of the U.S. Government, established by the National Science Foundation Act of 1950. They generally have a large number of positions.


RTI International Since our inception in 1958 (when we were known as Research Triangle Institute), RTI professionals have secured a solid reputation as a leading, independent research institute. We have established and maintain many successful relationships with diverse business customers, government agencies, academic institutions, and foundations. But as we gather information, conduct laboratory research, and report findings, we don’t want to learn something new about our world and then shelve the results. We want ideas to bcome actions. We want our knowledge to make a difference.

For example, our research provides information for local, state, and national decision makers. Health policy … environmental regulations … education reform … they have all seen the stamp of RTI’s professional efforts and prove the sum and substance of our mission.

With over 2,000 employees worldwide, RTI International fosters a dynamic flow of ideas and turns knowledge into practice in the following key areas:

  • Environment – RTI excels at setting environmental standards, and has done so for decades, through multidisciplinary research that provides scientific, technical, and policy analysis for government and industry
  • Education and training – From early childhood through schooling to adult employment and learning, RTI studies pressing issues in education and training that impact both individuals and societies. RTI also develops, implements, and evaluates processes for education reform and for technology-assisted learning
  • Advanced technology – RTI not only innovates in the lab but also helps to move research into the practical world of energy technologies, materials and devices, virtual reality, and aerospace. In addition, RTI helps government, industry, and academia manage their intellectual assets
  • Economic and social development – At home and abroad, RTI social research has helped struggling regions and cultures improve the access that individuals have to services, develop their human capital, reduce poverty, and apply modern information technologies where needed.

You’ll get a chance to make a difference because making a difference is central to our culture. And there is no better way to make a difference than by improving the human condition, which is at the heart of the RTI mission. At RTI, you’ll learn to think independently and act collaboratively — your particular field of research will demand the former and our multidisciplinary environment will foster the latter. We are dedicated to turning your knowledge into practice so that you may bring your ideas to bear on a world that needs your drive and your enthusiasm.

United Nations
is a central player for many issues involved with Sustainable Development. If you are interested in a job with the UN, be prepared for a cumbersome process. The rewards, however, justify the difficulty in lining up a job. If you are interested, start at the following link and then follow it to either vacancies or internships. Internships are unpaid and only available to grad students. They do, though, represent the best way to get into the organization for a real job.

Winrock International is a nonprofit organization that works with people around the world to increase economic opportunity, sustain natural resources, and protect the environment. They are continuously recruiting for responsible candidates to fill international positions for Winrock proposals and projects.