UW Sustainability Courses

Taught by Tom Eggert at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, these courses introduce students to the idea of sustainability and the importance of relationships and systems to implementing change.

This site is meant to be part of the sustainability resources you can draw on, both as a student, and after you leave the university. You will find information about the semester, links to past projects completed by students, and have access to the syllabus for the semester you took the class, in case you find yourself looking for a reading that you remember.  

For current students, your creative and final projects will be posted for others to see. For former students, this site keeps you connected to the energy you felt when taking the class. For both groups, this site will be a springboard to potential jobs and internships and current events.

The sustainability courses can be found below:
People, Environment & Sustainability

Systems Thinking and Sustainability

Sustainability and Entrepreneurship

Business and the Social Side of Sustainability