Lesson Plans Fall 2009

Each student participated in a team that designed and presented two separate lessons to a middle school in the Madison area. These lesson plans were to educate middle school students on some aspect of sustainability. When presenting the lesson plan (teaching the middle school students), lecture could only be a small part of the overall presentation. Students were to think creatively about how to engage middle schoolers in learning.

This activity arose out of the belief by past students that they should have started learning about sustainability in middle school. Spring Harbor Middle School in Madison, and Indian Mound Middle School in McFarland volunteered to host the teaching teams of students. Student teams coordinated with a teacher in each school and presentations were both entertaining and educational.

Click below for the lesson plans for each of the teams.

Carbon Footprints and Microfinance

Energy Sources and Sustainable Ag

Food Origins and Food Systems

Food and Sustainability and Processed Foods

Habitat Restoration and Landfills

Healthy Food Systems

Recycling Food and Energy in Your Home

Drinks Lesson Plan

The Value of Money around the Globe