Watch Now: Videos About Sustainability

The journey towards sustainability is a difficult concept to grasp, and we should use all our possible resources to understand it. Our modern-day technology has created a wealth of videos that can help us understand this concept. Below you will find a small collection of this wealth. The video topics include:
Systems Thinking
Sustainable Business, including B Corporations, Employee Stock Ownership Programs, and Cooperatives
and A Growing World

We hope you find these films as useful as we have in furthering your sustainability education.


Systems Thinking Videos

A Systems Story
Are you looking for an introductory explanation to systems thinking and why it is so vital? If so, this short, well told narrative is for you. Using examples of traditional folk tales and love, systems thinking vocabulary and importance will be explained in under five minutes.


Dana Meadow’s Lecture: Sustainable Systems 4 Parts
Dana Meadows, one of the best known systems thinkers of her time and author of ‘Thinking in Systems’, explains the “science of complexity” to her audience through the art of seeing systems as their whole. Whether you are an experienced systems thinker or just beginning to see connections, Dana Meadows lectures will broaden your understanding of creating sustainable systems.


Who Controls the World? : TED by James B. Glattfelder
Do we know more about reality than our own human interactions? Systems thinking helps explain the ownership networks of our economy and the distribution of control.


A Guide to the Energy of the Earth: TED by Joshua M. Sneideman
All energy we use begins somewhere and cannot be destroyed. Learn the system basics in this short TED Talk.


Story of Stuff
This video shows big picture of the stuff that fills our lives and how our current production and consumption patterns are unhealthy for communities abroad, our environment, and ourselves.
The Story of Stuff Project has many more specific videos available on YouTube as well, for example the “Story of Bottled Water” and the “Story of Cosmetics.”



Sustainable Business Videos

The Puzzle of Motivation : TED by Dan Pink
A fact scientists know, but business owners do not: incentives or awards, even in monetary form, often do work or even do harm to imaginative thinking. Creativity does not respond to incentives. Dan Pink presents these findings in a very entertaining way and gives three building blocks for the new business utopia.


Let’s Go All-In On Selling Sustainability : TED by Steve Howard
The Chief Sustainability Officer of IKEA tells how present day sustainable business is a “must-do”. Through examples in IKEA and other well-known companies, Mr. Howard shows the collaboration and innovation occurring in the business world, and challenges businesses not yet striving to be sustainable to join them.


Why Business Can be Good at Solving Social Problems : TED by Michael Porter
Harvard Business School Professor, Michael Porter, explains his case for businesses’ ability to solve social issues such as climate change and water scarcity. Only businesses hold the resources to make such big changes and only businesses can turn a profit while solving these issues, allowing the solutions to sustain themselves.


The Investment Logic for Sustainability : TED by Chris McKnett
Why should investors choose companies that have good environmental, governance, and social structures? Chris McKnett makes the case for sustainable investments and why they will bring better returns in the long-term.


Interview with Yvon Chouinard – CEO and Founder of Patagonia
Patagonia is praised as one of the most environmentally conscious companies in existence. This video presents Yvon Chouinard’s philosophy behind his successful clothing company and why “Simply your life” is vital to dealing with global, long-term, environmental problems.


Why Sustainability Isn’t Smooth Sailing: Lessons from Professor Tobias Hahn
In this interview Professor Tobias HAHN explains why firms need not only managers that see the business case arguments for sustainability (we’ll be more efficient, we’ll save money, etc), but also need managers who are big picture thinkers. These managers accept that sometimes profits and sustainability do not smoothly go hand in hand and see the need for bigger solutions beyond established business routines to address sustainability issues.


Why We Need to Rethink Capitalism: TED by Paul Tudor Jones II
Paul Tudor Jones II passionately explains both his love for capitalism and how, if capitalism is going to successfully take us to the future, it needs to change away from a solely profit focus.


Beware, fellow plutocrats, the Pitchforks are Coming: TED by Nick Hanauer
Why raise the minimum wage? Hear Nick Hanauer, the wealthy unrepentant capitalist, explain the global benefits and avoided revolution.



 B Corporation Videos 

B-Corp Founders
“There’s a critical mass of entrepreneurs, including investors, who do believe that business can be a positive force for social change.” Jackie Khor
Whether you are a business leader looking to become a B Corporation, or whether you are an interested consumer, this short video will show B Corp business leaders explaining the basics of B Corporations starting with what they are, moving to their benefits, and finally how to learn more.


B Lab Co-Founder Andrew Kassoy Speech at Le Harve Forum, France
Explore how B Corporations have spread globally in just five years since their creation by listening to Andrew Kassoy speak. Mr. Kassoy dives deeper than B Corp basics, by using business examples to explain how we, as a global society, are working toward a positive economy.



Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) Videos

What is an ESOP?
The very basics.

ESOP Benefits at Kenneth’s Salons and Spas
Hear why a business owner is considering an ESOP as the best next step for his business.

Camille Kerr on ESOP Benefits for Employees
ESOPs provide employees with an ownership culture that increases compensation, sales, productivity, and retirement funds, while simultaneously decreasing lay-offs. Hear the numbers from Camille Kerr.


International Year of Cooperatives Clip 2012
Want to be inspired by cooperatives? Take three minutes for this clip.

A Growing World Videos 

Nature is Speaking
Hear her powerful, warning message.

Paper Beats Plastic? How to Rethink Environmental Folklore: TED by Leyla Acaroglu
Are paper bags truly better for the environment than plastic ones? No, they are not. This belief is environmental folklore. Sustainability strategist Leyla Acaroglu demonstrates how design is one of the best solutions for over-consumption. “Everything at some point comes from nature, it’s how you use the material that dictates its environmental impact.”


Poverty, Money – and Love: TED by Jessica Jackley founder, Jessica Jackley, passionately explains her transition in viewing poverty and her strong belief that we, as people, do care and love easily. We should allow ourselves to be inspired by other’s stories, as in her words, we all have the potential “to do great things in the world.”


Too Good To Waste
See how landfills really work and why it is better to recycle and compost than let items sit in a landfill.


Overcoming Resistance to Change – Isn’t It Obvious?
Ever feel that your brilliant ideas are never even considered? Do people just naturally resist change or can we present all FOUR sides of an argument, specifically tailored to reach our goals?


New Thoughts on Capital in the Twenty-First Century: TED by Thomas Piketty 
French economist, Thomas Piketty, describes how rate of return on capital exceeding economic growth has lead to high wealth inequality, especially in the United States. What has caused this inequality and can be done to redistribute wealth?


We the People, and the Republic We must Reclaim: TED by Lawrence Lessing
Government cannot be ignored in the importance of sustainability. In one of the best TED Talks I have seen, Lawrence Lessing describes the corruption in our Republic. How having 132 Americans in 2010 supply 60{13cc73ace98a1a1c72459df4609391372da874048f40eb9ad7cb1a640123a483} of the Presidential campaign funding has changed our political system, and how we, Americans, can get our Republic back.


The Journey of UW-Madison Recycling
See the path UW-Madison’s recycling takes after you throw something in the bin.


Did You Know? 2014
How has the world changed? What does the population in 2014 look like and how are they uning the data-driven world we live in? A creative presentation of facts will answer these questions in the newest ‘Did You Know?’ update.


Achieving Your Childhood Dreams: Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
Inspirational. Motivational. Indescribable.